Li is a Vienna-based singer-songwriter, born in Upper Austria.

Singing and making music together with her family and playing music in school, where she excelled at violin was always exciting and inspiring. She discovered her love of the art form. In her early teens she wrote lyrics and gained her first experiences playing and singing in a band.

After her professional training as an accountant, the desire for music was reignited. Feeling that something was missing, aware of her roots and her passion for music, she followed her curious heart. Li moved to Linz.

"I moved to Linz, because in Linz begins." :) There she met like-minded musicians and joined a band. During this time she also learned to arrange with the program Ableton.

Later Li moved to Dublin in 2019. Here, she performed every night at various venues, gained experience, meeting new people and developing as an artist.

Then came COVID-19!

Li decided to return back to Austria.

When she arrived home, she wrote 20 new songs reflecting her experiences abroad. With passion and drive she recorded her songs and arranged them with Ableton Live. She has already had some of these songs professionally produced in the studio and worked with talented film-makers to create accompanying music videos.

She wants to share her music - songs, filled with meaningful lyrics, sounds and melodies - with others in a welcoming and sincere environment. She has her own unique style, fusing influences of folk, pop and classical music. She was also very inspired by 90s bands, for example, 'The Cranberries', which influenced a lot of her songwriting.

"I'm very proud of my finished songs and I'm happy to finally release them, especially to be able to present them live on stage soon." Li