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10.11.2022 - 8pm
Kramladen (vienna)

tickets: free donation

support-act: Alienne & der King, 8pm      

Li starts at 9pm

22.11.2022 - 7:30pm            Kino Lenzing Lichtspiele (upper austria)

tickets: free donation

25.11.2022 - 7:30pm             
alter Schl8hof Wels
(upper austria)

tickets: free donation

 30.11.2022 - 8pm                 
7 Stern Cafe (vienna)

tickets: free donation

What to expect:

Li presents her debut album "eleven" in this concert, which will be released on 11.11.2022. All songs are written, composed and arranged by Li.

You can expect a mix of emotional worlds that take the listener on a deep, melancholic journey of sound. Her lyrics and clear voice accompanied by violin, keyboard, kalimba, bass and drums make this wonderful, gloomy carpet of sound a coherent whole. A mix of pop, trip hop as well as folkloric influences add up to an unforgettable and wonderful evening of music.


Li (voc,violin)

Helmut Chang (drums)

Rudolf Gotsmy (bass)
Martin Kessler (keys)

little foretaste ;)